About Poplar Hill

Poplar Hill is a scenic country wedding venue in Blackstone,  Virginia. We offer rustic charm, and the privacy of rural farm life for a simple yet elegant wedding. The main event space is surrounded by several hundred acres of farmland and pastures, with stunning natural views from every corner. 

The Poplar Hill farmhouse was build in the 1790s by Captain Thomas Epes, with most recent restorations dating back to 1950. The farm has its original character, but has been equipped with modern amenities for a modern affair. Whether you want an intimate elopement or a nature-inspired grand event, Poplar Hill is an ideal wedding venue for you.     

Poplar Hill established circa 1790

Poplar Hill established circa 1790

About Us

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Meet the Team

  Poplar Hill owner/operator, Bernie Fournier, has been in the wedding industry for over 6 years. Contractor by trade, Bernie restored Poplar Hill and its guest house, The Bagley House, to its original character. Both homes have been equipped with modern amenities for a modern affair while maintaining the history of the homes.

Megan is the owner of The Bagley House, full time dental hygienist, and oversees the booking and marketing for both Poplar Hill and Bagley. Together we can help guide you on making your wedding day everything you dreamed of!